Most people that experiment with WVO/SVO-powered cars fall into two categories–“the exceedingly handy” or “the hopelessly inept”. Sadly, I fall into the latter group. However, I have noticed that what my group lacks in natural “handy talent”, it more than makes up for with the willingness to try just about any repair remedy, even if it sounds ridiculous.  That would bring us to my most recent DYI tip for your WVO-powered Mercedes 240 D or similar rig–THE LEAKY FUEL INJECTOR.


First bit of advice–get yourself a shop manual. I use one published by Haynes (#63012). Mine cost about $10 and it was money well spent. Don’t read it too thoroughly. Much like reading music, this can only get you into trouble. Best to just stick to the highlights. 

A few months back, I noticed that I was leaving big pools of vegetable oil all over the place. I also noticed I was ripping through fuel at an incredible rate (18 mpg, down from almost 36 mpg). After a lot of crawling underneath the car (something I don’t recommend), I discovered the leak was not coming from below, but rather from one of the fuel injectors. For the fellow neophytes, this is one of four gizmos located on top of the engine that shoots the fuel into the cylinders (read the manual, it will make sense). Well, grease was shooting out of this sucker. After consulting with my good friend Pete, a savvy motorcycle mechanic who has never worked on cars, we decided on the only logical course of action–Mighty Putty!


Yes, that’s right, the same stuff that Billy Mays shouts at you about on TV. Why is he always shouting I used to wonder. Now I know. He shouts because this shit really works. Also, he is apparently in league with Satan.

Now you handy guys would probably just say I should have replaced the defective fuel injector or seal.  Yeah right…

Take a small lump of the Mighty Putty, knead it in your hands like Play Dough for about 2 minutes, and pack it all around the leaky injector. Wait 30 minutes and drive. Done.

Greasebenz Update: 11,600 miles, $62 gallons in dyno-diesel. The rest comes courtesy of Rockland County’s finest restaurants. 

Let me know if you have questions.


About John Rarrick

I'm John Rarrick, driver of veggie-powered cars and backyard chicken farmer. If you are looking to dabble in the slippery world of cars that run on french fry oil, then herein lies a bounty of useless knowledge for you to absorb.

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