As winter rears its ugly head here in New York’s Hudson Valley, I have begun reading up on how to prepare the Greasebenz for the cold season.  There is a LOT out there on the web regarding the proper blending of WVO, diesel, kerosene, etc. After several days of reading several hundred blog and forum posts, here is what I’ve deduced: Nobody really knows. 

And here’s what else I’ve deduced…it really doesn’t matter.  I’ve put every conceivable combination into my single-tank 240D. With the exception of a slight increase in power when using a higher ratio of dyno-diesel, there is no difference in performance or MPG.  

I plan to run a 75/25 (WVO/Dyno) mix during the winter months. However, in all likelihood, this plan will get abandoned quickly and I’ll put whatever fuel ends up being the most convenient to acqure into the tank. And isn’t that really what this is all about. It’s a giant experiment with only good outcomes. The car has already paid for itself in fuel savings (6 months/8,000 miles/$40 at the pump).

I speak to would-be WVO converts every day. Most, will never take the leap, preferring rather to research the thing to death. Hours wasted trying to decide what blend to use when the temperature drops below 50 F. Here’s my advice. Just do it you pussy. If it’s not for you, go back to your old car. At least you can say you tried. And you’ll have good grease stories to relate at happy hour.

If you have any questions, I’m here to help. Pussy.


About John Rarrick

I'm John Rarrick, driver of veggie-powered cars and backyard chicken farmer. If you are looking to dabble in the slippery world of cars that run on french fry oil, then herein lies a bounty of useless knowledge for you to absorb.

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